Sedation Dentistry for Dental Anxiety

In another article, we talked about why you should not take dental problems to your local hospital emergency room (ER). The unfortunate reason why some people end up at the ER late at night or on a Sunday is because they have ignored a serious toothache and the pain finally became too great to bear without prescription painkillers. Why would someone avoid the dentist and end up in the ER if they have a toothache?

Dental anxiety overwhelms people from all walks of life. Fear of needles that administer analgesics, the sounds of dental drills, leaning back in a chair while a dentist and assistants probe inside their mouth — these ordinary facts of dental practice are paralyzing to many people. The Tahquitz Dental Group gets it, and that’s why we offer conscious oral sedation for our clients with dental anxiety.

What is Conscious Oral Sedation?

During conscious oral sedation, commonly called sleep dentistry, the patient has no awareness of what is taking place in the dental chair. The dentist and dental assistants can do their work without the client feeling the least bit of fear. After the procedure, the patient has no memory of what happened. For the client, it’s as if they took a nap and woke up with their dental procedure finished!

Administering conscious oral sedation requires no needles. The patient either drinks a concoction or takes a pill that eases their anxiety, promotes sleepiness, and eliminates their memory of the dental procedure. If you have ever had dental anxiety, this pharmaceutical solution eliminates your fears entirely. Sedation dentistry is simpler than using general anesthetic, and less complicated, with fewer potential side effects. It is therefore a safe way to make dentistry available for everyone, even people with significant dental fears.

Conscious oral sedation is not just for major procedures like oral surgery, or moderate procedures like fillings for cavities. Some patients use sleep dentistry even for just cleaning their teeth! Regular dental visits and exams are so important that the Tahquitz Dental Group readily offers oral sedation if that is what it takes to get a patient into our practice for a cleaning and exam every six months.

Try Sedation Dentistry

If anxiety keeps you away from the dentist, talk to the Tahquitz Dental Group of Palm Springs about sedation dentistry. Eliminate years of built-up anxiety with one simple step. Sleep dentistry is economical and worth the cost if it gets you the dental treatment you need. Contact us by phone or online for more information about conscious oral sedation in Palm Springs.

Jul 20, 2023 | Sedation Dentistry

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