Why Get a Dental Bridge?

When you lose more than one tooth in the same spot on your jaw, the dental bridge is the best prosthetic for replacing those missing teeth. For a single missing tooth, we strongly recommend using a dental implant. That’s the best way to mimic the original tooth root and to preserve your appearance. For multiple teeth, however, economics can get involved for some patients, and the dental bridge can cover more than one gap at a lower cost.

What is Needed for a Dental Bridge?

To place a bridge, you need a strongly rooted tooth on either side of the gap. These two teeth become the anchors for your dental bridge, just like a bridge over a roadway. The strong teeth are altered to fit the bridge, and then the bridge fills the gap once it is put in place.

What If I Can’t Anchor a Bridge with Two Teeth?

If you do not have two strongly rooted teeth for mounting a dental bridge, dental implants once again come into play. Nothing mimics the healthy effects of good teeth like dental implants. For placing dental bridges, we can add one or two dental implants on either side of the gap in your jawline, as needed. The bridge is then mounted on these dental implants, or a tooth and dental implant combination, to provide a full mouth of teeth.

Questions About Dental Bridges?

The cost of a dental bridge is dependent on the methods our Palm Springs’ dentist needs to use to anchor the bridge and the size of the bridge itself. The larger the gap that needs to be spanned, the greater the cost. (The comparison to roadway bridges just continues.) Most bridges are permanently attached, but there are options for removable bridges too, depending on the client. For more information, contact our office for a consultation by phone or using our online form.

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