Dental Cleaning

Regular professional dental cleanings, typically recommended every six months, are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. This routine procedure, performed by our Palm Springs dentist or dental hygienists, uses several important steps to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process. Here is an overview of these steps and an explanation of why they are important for your dental health:

Importance of Professional Dental Cleaning:

  • Plaque and Tartar Removal: Regular brushing and flossing at home cannot eliminate all the plaque and tartar buildup on teeth. Professional cleaning removes these hardened deposits, reducing gum inflammation, infection, and gum disease progression.
  • Early Detection of Dental Issues: During the dental cleaning, our professionals thoroughly examine your mouth, identifying potential issues such as cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other abnormalities. Early detection allows for timely intervention and prevents the escalation of problems.
  • Fresh Breath and Enhanced Appearance: Dental cleaning eliminates the bacteria that contribute to bad breath. It also helps remove surface stains, making your teeth appear brighter and whiter for a better smile.

Steps Involved in Professional Dental Cleaning:

  • Physical Examination: Our Palm Springs dental professional examines your mouth, gums, and teeth, looking for signs of inflammation, decay, or abnormalities. They use a mirror and digital images to assess your oral health.
  • Plaque and Tartar Removal: Using specialized instruments, our dental professional removes plaque and tartar deposits from the tooth surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas. This process is called scaling and involves gentle scraping, vibration, irrigation, and suction to dislodge any buildup.
  • Tooth Polishing: After removing the plaque and tartar, the dental professional uses a rotating brush or rubber cup with a toothpaste-like substance to polish the teeth. This removes surface stains and leaves the teeth smoother, making it harder for plaque to stick to them.
  • Flossing: The dental professional flosses between your teeth to remove any remaining plaque and polish residue.
  • Rinsing and Fluoride Treatment: You rinse your mouth to remove any debris. In some cases, a fluoride treatment is applied afterwards to strengthen the teeth and protect against cavities.
  • Oral Hygiene Recommendations: Our dental professional provides personalized oral hygiene instructions, including proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as recommendations for oral care products suited to your needs.

At the Tahquitz Dental Group, we are sincerely interested in your oral health and the oral health of your family. Schedule a dental cleaning today and let us help preserve your smile!

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