Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth in situations where the patient still has some of their natural teeth remaining. They are a removable alternative to bridges or dental implants. Partial dentures are made from a variety of materials, including acrylic, metal, or a combination of both.

Key Components of Partial Dentures:

  1. Replacement Teeth: These are designed to resemble natural teeth both in look and function.
  2. Base: The replacement teeth are attached to a base of pink or gum-colored acrylic. This gives the dentures the appearance of natural gums.
  3. Metal Framework and Clasps: Most partial dentures have a metal framework to provide strength and rigidity. Metal clasps wrap around adjacent natural teeth to provide stability and hold the denture in place.

Who is a Good Candidate for Partial Dentures?

Do you have one or more missing teeth but still have a number of strong natural teeth and healthy gums? Then you are a good candidate for partial dentures. Do you prefer the flexibility of removing your prosthetic device for cleaning, or want a less invasive and typically more cost-effective solution compared to dental implants or bridges? A partial denture meets those requirements. If you want to know more about partial dentures, contact our office and read about the process below.

The Partial Denture Process

Here is what you can expect during the partial denture process:

  • Consultation: Our dentist examines your mouth, takes X-rays, and determines the best solution for your missing teeth. If partial dentures are deemed suitable, the dentist discusses the type best suited for your needs.
  • Impressions: Impressions or 3-D images of your mouth are taken to ensure a precise fit for your dentures. These are sent to the dental laboratory where your custom dentures are crafted.
  • Fittings: Once the dentures are ready, you have a fitting session. Our dentist checks for proper fit, comfort, and bite alignment, and makes adjustments as necessary.
  • Adjustment Period: New dentures often require an adjustment period. It may feel odd or tight for the first few days or weeks. You might experience minor irritation or soreness. However, these issues typically resolve as your mouth gets accustomed to the dentures.
  • Care Instructions: Our dental team provides guidelines for the care and cleaning of your partial dentures, as well as advice on eating and speaking with them.
  • Follow-up Appointments: Follow-up is essential to ensure the dentures fit well and aren’t causing sores or bite problems. Over time, as your mouth naturally changes shape, your dentures may need adjustments or realignment to keep fitting comfortably.

Partial Dentures are Your Choice!

Partial dentures significantly improve your quality of life by enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, aiding in proper speech and eating, and supporting facial muscles. If you are interested in partial dentures, consult with our dental team at Tahquitz Dental Group to discuss the best options for your dental health.

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