The All-on-4 Process

Installing All-on-4 Implant Dentures

Identifying Usable Jawbone

The first step in the All-on-4 procedure entails a comprehensive assessment of the jawbones to identify the best locations for dental implant placement. This involves an oral examination and 3-D x-rays to map out the areas where the bone is densest and of high quality. Based on these findings, your Palm Springs dentist develops a strategic plan outlining the type, expected length, and necessary insertion angle of the implants. Unlike many procedures that utilize short, robust dental implants installed with near vertical angles, All-on-4 also employs long, slender dental implants placed at inclined angles. This approach enables the secure attachment of dentures even in cases where the jawbone depth is limited.

Precise Drilling and Insertion

On the day of the procedure, the Tahquitz Dental Group prepares all the components necessary for your All-on-4 dentures. The four dental implants for each jaw, chosen based on your specific needs, are coupled with corresponding abutments that serve as the foundation for your new denture. Each dental implant site is carefully prepared based on the initial assessments and digital x-rays, ensuring precise and secure dental implant placement.

Following dental implant installation, the abutments are affixed and made ready to support your new denture. A dental lab then crafts a healing denture tailored to your reshaped jawline. Once the fit and appearance of your new teeth are confirmed, the initial stage of the procedure is complete, and you leave our office with a full set of temporary teeth.

Post-Healing Period Adjustments

After the procedure, it’s normal to experience swelling in the jaw and gum tissues, necessitating a recovery period. Once the healing phase concludes, you return to the Tahquitz Dental Group for additional digital measurements to create your final, permanent dentures. A dental technician creates these new dentures, which replace the healing dentures. The end result is a stunning and secure set of new teeth, courtesy of the All-on-4 procedure and your dedicated Palm Springs dentist.

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