How All-on-4 Works

The All-on-4 dental solution is a type of permanent denture that utilizes just 4 dental implants to fully restore your upper or lower jaw. This system offers the advantage of immediate use, providing a functional denture on the day of the procedure. While it certainly enhances your aesthetic appeal, the primary purpose of your new denture goes beyond mere appearances. All-on-4 implant dentures broaden your food options, improving your health. They provide improved denture stability, enabling better speech and vocalizations. And they strengthen the existing jawbone, reducing the destructive aspects of tooth loss. Additionally, a significant benefit of the All-on-4 method is that it eliminates the need for bone grafting prior to the procedure, thus saving you valuable time and money, while still delivering the advantages associated with implant-supported dentures.

Advantages of Implant Dentures

  • Implant dentures provide a stable and secure solution for artificial teeth, remaining in place without the need for adjustments to your jawline, adhesives, springs, or molding agents.
  • Implant dentures also promote strong jawbone health. They effectively transfer the pressures exerted during chewing directly into your jaw, preserving bone density and contributing to the maintenance of your appearance.
  • Upon full biointegration, dental implants offer strength equivalent to that of natural teeth, allowing you to enjoy a diverse diet, just as you would with a complete set of original teeth.

All-on-4 Offers a Long-lasting Solution

The All-on-4 method establishes a denture that’s permanently secured, eliminating the concerns of unexpected dislodgements that are commonly associated with removable or snap-on dentures. As such, All-on-4 provides the closest alternative to natural teeth that a Palm Springs dentist can offer.

The All-on-4 procedure entails receiving a temporary denture on the day of the surgery, which you use for a period ranging from 4 to 10 months. During this time, your body integrates the dental implants with your jawbone. Once the healing process is completed, you’ll return to have your permanent denture fitted. The total cost of the procedure encompasses your initial consultation and examinations, the selection and placement of the dental implants, as well as the provision of both the temporary and final dentures.

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