Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are an important part of routine dental care! X-rays allow our Palm Springs dental professionals to see detailed images of your teeth, mouth, and soft tissues, revealing different aspects of your oral health.  Here is a description of the types of x-rays used by the Tahquitz Dental Group:

  • Bitewing X-rays check for cavities between the teeth (interdental cavities) which are not visible during a standard visual dental examination. Dentists typically take bitewing X-rays during routine check-ups once a year.
  • Full-set X-rays provide a complete view of every tooth.
  • Periapical X-rays show the entire tooth from the crown to the root and are used to see abnormalities such as abscesses, tumors, cysts, or gum disease.
  • Panoramic X-rays provide a broad view of all teeth on both the upper and lower jaws, as well as the jawbones. We use panoramic X-rays to plan treatments for dentures, orthodontics, extractions, and implants. They also help detect impacted teeth, jaw disorders, and bone abnormalities.
  • Occlusal X-rays show the roof or floor of the mouth and help detect the development and position of unerupted teeth in children, and identify any jaw fractures, cysts, or abscesses.
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) provides more detail than traditional x-rays by producing 3D images of your teeth, soft tissues, and nerves. CBCT is used for surgical planning, including the placement of dental implants.

Our team at the Tahquitz Dental Group recommends only those x-rays that are absolutely necessary for the maintenance of your oral health and the prevention and treatment of oral disease. Contact us for your routine check-up today!

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