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Clear Aligners


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Expires 09/30/2023

Previously, undergoing orthodontic treatment entailed a year or longer of wearing braces. Though traditional metal braces are at times necessary for correcting misaligned teeth, alternative treatments such as clear aligners offer greater convenience and discretion. Our dentist at Tahquitz Dental Group customizes your clear aligner treatment plan to address specific dental issues, which significantly expedites the process and facilitates effective cosmetic orthodontic therapy.

Benefits of Properly Aligned Teeth

Research shows there are many advantages to properly aligned teeth. Here are just a few:

  • Teeth that are straight and free of overlap are easier to clean, leading to improved tooth and gum health.
  • A correctly aligned bite not only facilitates the process of chewing food, but also optimizes the use of each tooth and reduces tension in the jaw.
  • Teeth that are uniformly aligned can create a pleasing and attractive smile, which can foster a sense of confidence that lasts a lifetime.

While there are many options with modern orthodontics, we highly recommend and use SureSmile clear aligners for our patients. Find out more about the advantages for SureSmile clear aligners here.

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